Introducing Amanda Ryberg: A Danish Local Artist with a Passion for Fluid Art and Creativity.

The Beginning in Rural Zealand
Amanda Ryberg’s artistic journey was born in the picturesque rural landscapes of Zealand, Denmark. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, her love for colors and shapes started to manifest from an early age.

Mastering the Art of Color
In her twenties, Amanda graduated and embarked on a career as a building painter. Working in this profession laid the foundation for her expertise in color theory and application.
Later, when health issues related to the fumes in that industry, she started working as a clerk in a painting shop, which developed her knowledge of colors and paint even further.

It was all a step towards a deeper understanding of the hues and tones that would later become the signature of her art.

Twilight Art Studio
In 2009, Amanda and her partner, Iver Gørtz, founded Twilight Art Studio. This two-person art collective became the canvas for their creative aspirations. Here Amanda’s passion for artistic painting began to blossom, which over the years lead her into the enchanting world of liquid art.

The fluid art journey
Amanda’s art is an exquisite combination of coherent colors and shapes, blending seamlessly to create mesmerizing pieces. Her work reflects her humble beginnings in rural Zealand, and her mastery of color theory shines through in the streams of paint she conjures.

Beyond her remarkable paintings, Amanda is also a talented artisan who crafts custom-bound books and journals with blank pages, inviting future artists and art enthusiasts to fill these pages with their own creativity.

Amanda Ryberg’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of art and the beauty that can emerge from the most unexpected places. Her fluid art creations are a celebration of her roots, her experiences, and her love in the act of creating.