Introducing Iver Gørtz: The The Analog Artist.

Meet Iver Gørtz, a Danish creative force
Since an early start, living as a fulltime tattoo artist from the age of 17, Iver’s career has evolved over the years to encompass artworks and crafts in multiple medias.

While having completed the apprenticeship as a tattoo artist and having that kind of art as his main focus since 1991, Iver has never been content with being a one trick pony for long, neither in style nor medium.
Hence, he  has developed mastery of different styles and techniques with both tattooing, pencil, graphite powder and acrylic paint.

As something new, he decided to put the acrylics down and pick up traditional oil painting instead.


Based at the enchanting Majsen Tattoo & Art in Copenhagen, Iver’s tattoo artistry is a blend of freehand and stencil custom designing, that transforms the human canvas into a original work of living art.

His tattoo work is a collaboration between artist and client, resulting in unique and personalized pieces of skinart that lasts a lifetime.

Simple or intricate, every accepted tattoo assignment is passionately made with the skills and knowledge gathered and honed over his 30+ years working as a professional tattoo artist in the busy Copenhagen scene.

As of 2024 he’s exclusively tattooing in black and greys, due to the new EU legislation and its implications on the longevity of colors in tattooing.

There’s no room for artistic experimentation when in the act of tattooing; I have to play it safe when marking people for life and do all the artistic development and  experimentation on paper and canvas instead.


Drawings and paintings

Beyond the tattoo parlor, Iver’s other passions as a painter and draftsman is what he spends most of his time on, in the serene surroundings of Twilight Art Studio, a rural private atelier, where creativity flows in many forms and mediums.

Iver’s art is a humble celebration of life’s intricate beauty and decay.

His paintings and drawings are inspired by many things; not only the Scandinavian countryside, sagas and the mysterious allure and beauty of nature, but the dark corners of the world and mind as well.

Whether with paint or graphite, he invites you into his dreamscapes of mystery, symbolism and subtle emotions.

“When delving into the magical world of traditional oil painting, I aim to keep learning and exploring, both artistically and technically, with a heavy focus on the longevity of the paintings.”


Loosing home and studio after suffering a work-related back injury in 2013 that disabled his ability to work as previous, Iver had to reinvent himself and his business as a tattoo artist, in order to accommodate this new situation.
With the support of loyal clients, friends, family and a steadfast and loving partner, paired with willpower and the grace of the universe, a workflow emerged which enables his continued determination to create tattoo art for many years to come.

If you seek an artist who can transform your vision into a tattoo masterpiece, or if you’re drawn to the allure of the creations conjured in his rural atelier, Iver Gørtz might be the artist you’ve been searching for.

For commission or other inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out using the contact form.