Twilight Art Studio;
From tattoo studio to an Analog Art Collective.

We create art with passion and focus. That goes for commissions as well as personal work.

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Our Philosophy

We are a small private art collective, partners in both art and live, sharing the workspace of our dreams.
Our philosophy is to deliver creative and unique works of art into the world, primarily spun from our imagination and created with passion.
We’re versatile in many mediums and styles; graphite and paint on paper, canvas and boards, tattoos in the skin.
Regardless of the chosen medium, we strive to deliver the best finished creation we possibly can, bringing a bit of magic into the world.

Though not an artist, we’ve showcased our magnificent webmaster on our team list, since without his work, help and guidance, this site wouldn’t exist.

Our History

Twilight art Studio is founded and we opened our first physical studio in Fortunstræde, in the heart of Denmarks capitol.

The studio was flooded and we relocated to a penthouse studio in Knabrostræde, still in the center of Copenhagen, and thus avoiding any possibility of future flooding.

Iver got 2 herniated discs that were severe enough to prevent him from tattooing regularly, which up till then had provided our bread, butter and rent.
We had to terminate the lease of both studio and home, finding new places to live and work and new ways to make it all work out.

Privately we settled in a new home on the island of Bornholm, and found new location for TAS in Copenhagen, in Schleppegrellsgade in Nørrebro, right next to the old moats of Copenhagen.

Our good friend and landlord terminates his lease, hence enabling us to rent the combined space, keeping ours and getting his old studio as well. Or move out.
We chose to stay and all of a sudden had way more space than needed.

3 months after getting a new member on the TAS team, Maj Walter, the first Corvid lockdown hit. And it hit hard. Once we opened up again, we prepared for a second lockdown, which it didn’t take any fortune cookie to tell loomed in the horizon.

Second lockdown hit even harder, and the 105 days of isolation and lower income really took a hard toll on everyone, including us. At the end of ’21, it was clear we had to shuffle the bag and make new plans. So we closed the studio, Maj opened one of her own, which she invited Iver to do his tattoo work from, and all other creative endeavors was done at home.

Over the summer, Amanda’s health took a really bad turn; she was hospitalized and diagnosed with COPD and emphysema of the lungs. At the end of the year, we decided to move back to Zealand asap, closer to family and friends, and in a new home with a more healthy and controllable indoor climate. 

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Our Team

We are creative people

Amanda Ryberg
Founder, Paint-pourer

Iver Gørtz
Founder, Inkslinger

Jakob Mikkelsen
Webmaster, Shark-hugger

Recent Works

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